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Little Victorious Things

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Simple little things about Dan Schneider's hit TV show 'Victorious'. Let me tell you here, that show is wacky and random, so other things you may not get until you watch the episode!

Run by Alana. Looking for co-runners!

Requests and suggestions are very much welcome! (But please be specific... I mean.. if you want to put the BG color, font, and or whatever... maybe you should just submit your own!) Please include the LVT watermark.

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i love my new macbook air!!

haha, i’ve been playing with my new macbook air that i got for free and it’s so fucking cool (: if you want to get one for free too then just go to http://bit.ly/mRHMtS reblog if you’re getting one (:

- Jade West

- Beck Oliver

- Jade West

- Robbie Shapiro

requested by heyjayyay

suggested by heyjayyay

- Tori Vega

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